Pioneer led light (Dream Blue) 35°



Pioneer led light  (Dream Blue) 35°  Application

Application places: Auto 4S shop, spare parts sales and showroom, jewelry stores, sporting goods stores, etc.


Pioneer led  light (Noble Gold)  Application
Application places: City Hall, all kinds of conference rooms, training rooms, special exhibition hall, hotels, shopping malls, artwork showrooms, etc.


Pioneer led  light (Dream Blue)  Application

Application places: Senior office space, office building, reading rooms, cultural activities rooms, exhibition hall, drawing rooms, teaching-research office, etc.




(A). Streamlined shape design with a sense of beauty, delicate and generous, give LED lamps an artistic sense.
(B). Unique optical lens design with anti-glare, high brightness, light uniformity characteristics. customers can select 35 °, 70 °, 120 ° optical components for the lamp according to the different lighting requirements, to play an effective use of the LED light.
(C). Using self-developed high-performance driver and Mean well driver, input voltageAC100-240V, PFC>0.97, with over voltage, over current, over temperature protection function.
(D). LED power from 30w to100w, aluminum alloy modular heat rejection structure design ensure very good heat dissipation effect for LED, the life-span >35000 hours. The whole lamp 100w weights <5kg, light weight guaranteed high safety hanging coefficient.
(E). Use Epistar / Bridgelux COB led, high color rendering index Ra> 80, luminous efficiency 80-100lm / W.
(F). The optional color Speed silver, Noble gold and Dream blue applicable to the particular places with different functions. And also can be flexibly collocated according to the environment needs.

【2】Shape structure

Shell Color: Speed Silver, Noble Gold, Dream Blue
Shell Material: Aluminum Alloy
Net Weight:30W-100W : 5.0Kg
Unit:mm ±2mm




Input Voltage AC100~240V   50~60Hz Color Rendering Index Ra>80
Power Factor >0.97 Beam Angle 35°
Power Efficiency >87% LED Reduction Rate 1~3% / 1,000Hrs
LED Working Voltage DC18~36V Color Temperature 2700~7000K
LED Chip EpistarBridegelux Working Temperature -20℃~+45℃
LED Power 30W、50W80W100W IP Grade IP20
Total Power 35W、57W87W110W Working Life-span >35000H
Luminous Efficiency 80~100lm / W Power Line VDE 3X0.75mm2
Connect Wire Brown→ L    Blue→ N    Yellow or Green→ G


Pioneer-100W Pioneer-80W Pioneer-50W Pioneer-30W

【6】 Packing
Lamp Packing:(L)245×(W)245×(H)425mm 1PC/CTN 5.6Kg


Using and installing instructions
Installation Procedure


Only professional electrician can install the lamp, please check the lamp very carefully before installation.
Please install the lamp follow up the installation procedure, make sure the screw has been wrested very tightly, the wires have been connected properly, .Please operate according to Product Instructions enclosed.



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