120W LED High Bay Lights 120°

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LED high bay lights applications: Factories,workshops,warehouses,exhibition centers,shopping malls or supermarkets,stadiums,toll stations, etc.

120W LED High Bay Lighting 120°


【A】Adopting Epistar / Bridgelux integrated Chip as light source with high lighting efficiency, LED initial luminous flux 80-100LM/W,high CRI, low light degradation.

【B】There is build-in dedicated power supply, input voltage: AC100~240V,Power Efficiency:>87%,Power Factor:>0.97,constant voltage, constant current. Over voltage \ over power \ over current protection, lighting protection.

【C】Good aluminum alloy heat sink with good quality heat dissipation, aluminum alloy equipment box, high strength, IP 62,small reflector cap for focusing the light, big one for gathering the light, it achieves an ideal lighting effect.
【D】Can start up within 1`3 seconds, no flicker, anti-jamming, no mercury, energy saving, environment friendly.


【2】 Shape Structure

Shell Material: Aluminum Alloy

Shell Color: Black

Weight:  7.3Kg




Input Voltage


AC200~480V For 

North America

Color Rendering Index


Freqency Range


Beam Angle


Power Factor


LED Reduction Rate

1~3% / 1,000Hrs

Power Efficiency


Color Temperature


ED Working Voltage


Working Temperature


LED Power


IP Grade


Total Power


Working Life-span


Luminous Efficiency

80~100lm / W

Power line

VDE  3×1.0mm2

Connect wire

Brown→L  Blue→N   Yellow or Green→G


【6】Illumination Distance/illuminance/Irradiated Area


【7】Using and installing instructions

Installation Procedure



As Picture No.1 Showed,Install Reflector on the heat sink,wrest fixed screws very tightly.

As Picture No.2 Showed,Wrest hanger into top cap.

As No.3 Showed,Wrest the non skid lock screw to proper position.

As No.4 Showed,Hang the lamp on the installation site.

As Picture No.5 showed,Hang chaining of steel wire on another installation device.

As Picture No.6 Showed,connect Live Wire/Null Wire/Ground Wire to electric cable and switch on.


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