150W (100°) Explosion Proof led high bay light


1.  Adopting MeanWell  power supply, Epistar or Cree LED Chips.

2.  Five years warranty

3. Pass UL,TUV(GS,CE),SAA certification

It’s the first Anti-explosion LED high bay light in domestic,with Ex-marking “ExnR II T4GC”, which access to the national explosion-proof certification by the authority.

防爆认证  Explosion-proof  certificate
LED Flood light  Products Warranty Service regulation


1. Gas station,processing workshop or storage warehouse for Edible Oil,food and other oil products,smelting workshop which easily producing explosive dust and gases; chemical factories,warehouses and other special places.

2. Also can applied in Factories,workshops,Cargo space,exhibition centers,shopping malls or supermarkets,stadiums,toll stations, etc.


150W (100°) Anti-Explosion led high bay light

【1】Product Appearance




1,Using high power COB Led and Mean well driver; the lamp’s luminous efficiency can reach 80-100LM/W, and Ra >80;Fins heating dissipation design enables the LED Tj within 85℃, lifespan more than 35,000 hours ,the max power up to 200W; with protecting rate: IP65.

2, The anti-explosion high bay light is designed and certified according to standards for safety as below: GB3836.1-2010  Explosive environment Part 1:Equipment General Requirements;GB3836.8-2003 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres-Part8: standards for “n” type electrical equipment; with Ex-marking Ex NR Ⅱ T4 Gc.

3, The light can be used at a place in which an explosive atmosphere in the form of explosive dust or combustible fibre in mixture with air is likely to occur continuously or frequently in short time, or for long periods in normal operation. According to the classification of explosion proof grade and application, the light can be use in Zone2. Surface temperature of item for safety:≤135℃,Such as chemical factory or warehouse, gas station except mines.


【2】Shape  Structure

Shell Material:Aluminum Alloy

Shell Color:hoar/ Black



【3】Explosion-proof Parameters


Ex NR Ⅱ T4 Gc


(1)NR-Explosion proof form code of explosion proof electric equipment, nR for restrict breathing type, the others: D for explosion suppression type; IA for flameproof intrinsically safe type; MB for pouring type … .;

(2)-Explosion proof electrical equipment is divided into type Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲclass; class I used for coal mine gas environment; class II, III used for other explosive gases electric equipments except coal mines which can easily generate gas.

(3)T4-equipment external surface temperature range ( T4 means the temperature of any point on the external surface of UFO explosion-proof mining lamp ≤ 135 ℃);

(4)Gc-Electric equipment protection level, and has a corresponding relationship to its used place, Gc level of protection for the general, and it can be used in explosive gas environment –Zone 2;


(2) Hazardous area classification

Explosive substance
Area definition Chinese standard Foreign standards
Gas(ClassⅠ) Under normal circumstances, the explosive gas mixture continuously or long time existence. Zone 0 Div.1
Under normal circumstances, the explosive gas mixture is likely to existent site Zone 1
Under normal circumstances, the explosive gas mixture is not possible appear, Only in abnormal circumstances, occasionally or short time existed site ; Zone 2 Div.2
Dust or fiber(ClassⅡ/ClassⅢ) Under normal circumstances, explosive dust or combustible fibre and air mixture may be continuous, a short time frequent appear or long time existence. Zone 10 Div.1
Under normal circumstances, explosive dust or combustible fibre and air mixture can not appear, just in case of abnormal condition, occasionally or short time appears. Zone 11 Div.2


(3)Gas temperature group

Temperature category
Explosion proof electrical equipment surface temperature Common explosive gas
T1 ≤450℃ Methane、Toluene、Methyl ester、Ethane、Propane、Acetone、Acrylic acid、Benzene、Styrene、Carbon monoxide、Ethyl acetate、Acetic acid、Chlorobenzene、Methyl acetate、Ammonia、Acrylic ester、Two ether、City gas、Hydrogen、Water gas
T2 ≤300℃ Methanol、Ethanol、Ethyl benzene、Propyl alcohol、Propylene、Butyl alcohol、Butane、Butyl acetate 、Amyl acetate、Cyclopentane、Butadiene、Epoxy propane、Ethylene、Acetylene
T3 ≤200℃ Pentane、Amyl alcohol、Hexane、Hexyl alcohol、Heptane、Octane、Ring of ethanol、Turpentine oil、石Naphtha、Petroleum (gasoline )、Fuel oil、Amyl alcoholfour、Two ether、Acrolein、Hydrocarbon
T4 ≤135℃ Acetaldehyde、Tetrafluoroethylene、Trimethylamine、Ethyl ether、Two ether
T5 ≤100℃ Carbon disulfide



 Input Voltage  AC100~240V Color Rendering Index Ra>80
 Frequency Range  50~60Hz  Beam Angle  100°
 Power Factor  >0.95  LED Reduction Rate  1~3% / 1,000Hrs
 Power Efficiency  >87%  Color Temperature  2700~7000K
 LED Working Voltage  DC30~36V  Working Temperature  -20℃~+45℃
 LED Power  150W    IP Grade  IP65
 Total Power  170~175W  Working Life-span  >35000H
 Luminous Efficiency  80~100lm / W  Power line  VDE  3×1.5mm2
 Connect wire  Brown→L  Blue→N  Yellow or Green→G


【7】Illumination Distance/illuminance/IrradiatedArea



【8】 Packing  specification

Body(L)412×(W)312×(H)508mm    1PC/CTN    13.5Kg

Reflector(L)432×(W)432×(H)534mm    10PCS/CTN   4.5Kg

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