Single led 270W LED Grow Light

【1】Product Appearance

270W LED Grow Light

270W LED Grow Light-1


【1】Good for Growing & Blooming

Designed for plant growing stage and blooming stage.

【2】Effective spectrums
Choose the proper wavelength which is good for plant photosynthesis,cut down the cycle of plant LED Emit exact spectrums fully absorbed by your plants,there is no light waste at all.

【3】Custom spectrum available
Spectrum for both Growing stage and Blooming stage available;spectrum for only Growing stage available;spectrum for only Blooming stage available.

【4】High efficient LED ballast
Use built-in switching mode 97% efficiency LED ballast,no need external heavy ballast as MH/HPS.

【5】moveable plug
the pulg can be changed easily just by plug in/not.


 Input Voltage AC100~240V Total Power 270W
 Frequency Range 50~60Hz Working Temperature -20℃~+50℃
 LED Qty 90pcs*3w  Working Life-span 50000H
 LED chips Epistar  Emitting Angle 90°
LED Wavelength Red:660nm Blue:460nm Orange:610nm LED Ratio ROB=7:1:1
Wavelength range 430-760nm  N/W 2.8KG
product size /mm D270*65  G/W 3.0KG


1.Only professional electrician can install the lamp, please check the lamp very carefully before installation.

2.Please install the lamp follow up the installation procedure, make sure the screw has been wrested very tightly, the wires have been connected properly, .Please operate according to Product Instructions enclosed.

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