300W LED High Bay Light 90°/ 110°




300W LED High Bay Light 90°/ 110°


1.Liu then uses heat pipe technology, the heat pipe and heat sink close riveting, the heat generated by the light source through the efficient heat pipe heat conduction to the modular body temperature quickly lower light, extend lamp life

2.Professional thermal structure design, perfect shape and implied cooling module air duct, inside and outside transparent, and fins up and down to form the 3D cooling duct, the maximum degree distribution of heat

3.Small integral built-in power space, more harmonious and beautiful whole lamp

4.High purity aluminum reflector anodized and polished performance while optimizing lighting will minimize glare. 60 ° 90 ° 110 °, such as multi-angle options to meet professional with light, adapt to different occasions

5.Using Cree LED, with high LED initial luminous flux >100LM/W, and CRI Ra>80.

6.Professional design, light body compact, attractive appearance, simple assembly



300W LED High Bay Light 90°/ 110°

【2】Shape Structure
Shell Material:Aluminum Alloy
Shell Color:Silver grey

300W high bay 2 110-2



300W LED High Bay Light 90°/ 110°


Input Voltage AC100~240V Color Rendering Index Ra>80
Frequency Range 50~60Hz Beam Angle 110° / 90 °
Power Factor >0.95 LED Reduction Rate 1~3% / 1,000Hrs
Power Efficiency >90% Color Temperature 3000K/4000K/ 5000K
LED Working Voltage DC36~42V Working Temperature -20℃~+45℃
LED Power 288W IP Grade IP20
Total Power 300W Working Life-span >50000H
Luminous Efficiency ≧100lm / W Power line VDE 3×1.5mm2 /(UL 18AWG)
Connect wires Brown→L,Blue→N ,Yellow or Green→G



300W LED High Bay Light 90°/ 110°

【4】Packing specification




300W LED High Bay Light 90°/ 110°

【5】Using and installation instructions

Installation Procedures


1.Please firstly install the reflector properly on the heat sink, and screw down.

2.Hang the body lamp on the installation site.

3.Connect Live Wire/Null Wire/Ground Wire to electric cable properly and switch on.



300W LED High Bay Light 90°/ 110°


1.A licensed electrician must undertake this installation. Please check the lamp carefully before installation.

2.Please follow up the installation procedures, make sure the screws been wrested very tightly, the wires been connected properly, as attached installation instruction.

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