50W-80W faeton led flood light 48°




 speciality-Faeton001 1. Adopting Cree original LED, luminaire efficency>100lm/w, CRI>80Ra. Meanwell driver, Input voltage: 90-305VAC;
 speciality-Faeton002 2. Graceful Stream-line design, suitable for high pole installation, which is not affected by wind. ADC12 Aluminum alloy die casting shell, good mechanical strength and heat dissipation.
 speciality-Faeton003 3. Compact water-proof structure design, protection grade up to IP65
 speciality-Faeton004 4. Use of lens for light distribution processing, different beam angle 48°,60°,90°,120°for choice, more effective use the light.
 speciality-Faeton005 5. Finished product can vary the light Angle, using stents , Angle adjustable plus or minus 25 °
 speciality-Faeton006 6. Adopting special thermal conductive materials from South Korea, which can fast conduct the heat from the light source to the shell, temperature gap is less than 8 degree. There is a circular air convection channel inside of the lighting fixture, making it more effective heat dissipation.

80W faeton led light  24°40°

Shape Structure

Shell Material:ADC12 Aluminum Alloy
Shell Color:Black
Net Weight:4Kg
Unit:mm ±1mm


80W faeton led light  24°40°


Input Voltage


Color Rendering Index




Beam Angle


Power Factor


LED Reduction Rate

1~3% / 1,000Hrs

Power Efficiency


Color Temperature


LED Working Voltage


Working Temperature


LED Power


IP Grade


Total Power


Working Life-span


Luminous Efficiency

100 lm / W

Power line

VDE 3×0.75mm2

Connect wire

Brown →L / Blue→ N/Yellow or Green →G


80W faeton led light  24°40°

Using and installing instructions


As Picture No.1 showed, fix the lamp to mounting surface with 3 screws.

As Picture No.2 showed, unscrew the retaining screw, take down the fitting.

As Picture No.3 showed, Connect Live Wire/Null Wire/Ground Wire to electric cable properly and switch on.


Only professional electrician can install the lamp, please check the lamp very carefully before installation.

Please install the lamp follow up the installation procedure, make sure the screw has been wrested very tightly, the wires have been connected properly, .Please operate according to Product Instructions enclosed.


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