led high mast light 500W (30°60°90°)


Product Appearance

gao01 1. Pressure cast aluminum housing, high anti-strike capability; overall electrophoretic paint process, with a corrosion preventive function;frelly adjust light irradiation angle, multiple stents to adjust angle up to 240 °; instant start on, long life, low consumption, and non-pollution, etc.
 gao02 2.By riveting the heatsink to the fins, make the incoparable heatsink housing; “HDT, buckle FIN, Gear slotting fin technology, pure copper heatpipe, 3D heat dissipation” Five Innovative patented manufacturing process, making high-power LED lamp heat sink housing lighter, assembly easier, stronger structure and better heat dissipation.
gao03 3.Flake type high purity aluminum reflectors by anodic oxidation and polishing processing, the optimization of lighting performance at the same time, effectively reduce excessive light and glare, 25°,45°, 60°,90°,100° angles such as selection, and has a narrow angle of 30°, wide angle 90° and narrow angle 60°, wide angle 90° square reflectors optional, satisfy the professional light distribution, adapted to different occasions.
gao04 4.By using water-proof connector and silicon rubber sealing, the protection rate can achieve IP65, can be used in all kinds of harsh conditions for long term.Respirator design, waterproof and clearing the mist at the same time, avoid condensation, improve quality, and extend long life.
gao05 5.4mm high strength tempered glass, without adding protective cover, safely protect the light source protection and light transmission rate is up to 90%.

 Shape Structure

Shell Material:Aluminum Alloy
Shell Color:black
Net Weight:15Kgs
Unit:mm ±2mm



 Input Voltage AC90~305V  Color Rendering Index Ra80
 Frequency Range 5060Hz  Beam Angle 30°60°90°
 Power Factor >0.95  Color Temperature 2700K-6500K
 Power Efficiency >90%  Working Temperature -20℃+45℃
 Total Power 500W  IP Grade IP65
 Luminous Efficiency ≧80 lm / W  Working Life-span >50000H
 Connect wires Brown→L  ,   Blue→N   Yellow or Green→G



Widely used in sports stadiums, sports grounds, golf courses, marinas, airports, squares, building, tower, large plants, national lighting projects and so on.



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