LED Wall Washer 18W-72W External Driver



1. High power LED wall washer, the color can be changed by DMX or external controller. The use of 6063 aluminum alloy shell and the overall molded processing technology ensure a good cooling effect and effectively reducing lumen depreciation. The use of optical grade PMMA high efficiency lens with good illumination and light loss is small. Unique switching constant current source technology ensure the stable work of each LED;

2. Waterproof design: double waterproof concept, pre-treatment use special thermal-conductive silicone rubber , and then seal by the anti-aging silicone , greatly reduced damage caused by water inflow;

3. Installation: professional installation bracket, the lamp projection angle can be freely adjusted, and can be adjusted horizontally, convenient and quick to install. There are two choice of the bracket : slide support card or sliding flat card;

4. Outlet way: considering the using function of installation site and the convenience for installation , you can choose: (1) outlet from the bottom of the light ; (2) outlet from the material side; (3) outlet from the cover.

5. Color effect: 16.7 million kinds of RGB synthesis full color or LED color (monochrome): red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white can be chose from.


【2】Shape Structure

Shell Material: Aluminum Alloy

Shell Color: Silver/Black

Unit:mm ±1mm

xiqiangdeng cct


XL-RGBO3W-18W 18 3W 6 AC180-260V/24V DMX512 RGB/Single 600/1000
XL-RGBO3W-36W 36 3W 12 AC180-260V/24V DMX512 RGB/Single 1000
XL-RGBO3W-54W 54 3W 18 AC180-260V/24V DMX512 RGB/Single 1000
XL-RGBO3W-72W 72 3W 24 AC180-260V/24V DMX512 RGB/Single 1000
IP LEVEL:IP65 / Working Temp.:-20°C~55°C / Beam Angle:15°45°60°
XL-RGBO1W-18W 18 1W 18 AC180-260V/24V DMX512 RGB/Single 600/1000
XL-RGBO1W-36W 36 1W 36 AC180-260V/24V DMX512 RGB/Single 1000
XL-RGBO1W-54W 54 1W 54 AC180-260V/24V DMX512 RGB/Single 1200
IP LEVEL:IP65 / Working Temp.:-20°C~55°C / Beam Angle:15°45°60°

NOTICE:Wattage and Length can be customized.

【4】Product Installation(RGB full colour extrocontrol model)

xiwiangdeng RGB01


【5】Product Installation(Single/RGB introcontrol model)

xiwiangdeng RGB03


High power LED wall washer irradiation distance up to 5-10 meters. It suitable for the panoramic flood lighting of the inner and outer wall, such as the government lighting project, commercial place, subway, elevated overpass, building external wall, building landmarks etc. and other landscape building, outdoor square landscape and metope, display brush color. Able to adapt a variety of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.
Color has the red, yellow, blue, green, white, colorful color changing effect.

Through the rich and colorful combination of light and water, resulting in a clever feeling, bring you a fantastic mood. High LED wall washer is a new generation of green high-tech products, with 24 high-power LED as light emitting element, long distance and wide angle, rich color projection effect, bring a new visual experience, immersed in the world of color change constantly.


【7】Packing specification
1、Packing Dimension:
(L)1050×(W) 70×(H) 100mm 4PC/CTN 17Kg

xiqiageng baozhuang


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